Gmail gets some powerful merge fields using simple tags

Say ‘Dear @firstname’ like you mean it

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As an Android Police newsletter editor (sign up if you haven’t already!), I’ve learned the power of merge fields firsthand. If you don’t know what they are, they are extremely useful in sending mass emails where once you have collected people’s data you can place them in specific places as needed. It’s how senders from organizations are about to personalize their greetings to each recipient. Well, Google is giving its Workspace customers the power of something called merge tags in Gmail.


The merge tags are of limited use at this time and are based on basic information associated with recipient email accounts, including their name and email address.


Any user can use merge tags by enabling multiple send mode in the compose toolbar – the icon is a stack of envelopes – then type ‘@’ to open a drop-down menu of tags including @firstname, @lastname, @fullname , and @email. Each recipient receives their own information merged into their own message without having to send 30 separate emails with unique greetings.

Google has greatly expanded the power of @tags through its Workspace suite of products from Docs to Sheets to Slides. From keeping drafts updated to pointing you to points of interest, they’ve really become a handy shortcut in a world full of tedious processes.

The rollout is underway and will take at least a month to saturate all domains. Workspace Business and Enterprise customers from the Standard tier, as well as Education Plus and Individual subscribers are eligible to use this feature.

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