Apple makes urgent security announcement with latest iPhone update

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone operating system on Monday, which the company claims fixes bugs from the previous update, which was released just a month ago.

Available for models dating back to the iPhone 8, the iOS 16.1 update includes nearly two dozen security fixes, including one that addresses a previously unknown vulnerability that was prone to attack.

“An app could run arbitrary code with kernel privileges,” which have been “actively exploited” by hackers, Apple warned in a security advisory Monday.

Apple has issued a security warning to all iPhone users: update your device as soon as possible.Apple has issued a security warning to all iPhone users: update your handset as soon as possible.Apple

Apple's iOS 16.1 was introduced Monday.Apple’s iOS 16.1, which fixes previous major bugs prone to hackers, was introduced Monday.REUTERS

“Keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the security of your Apple product,” the company said.

The new update also allows six people to collaborate on shared iCloud Photo Library, gives iPhone users access to Apple Fitness+ without Apple Watch, and allows users to charge their phones with lower carbon emissions. .

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