Bayonetta 3 gets Day One update, here are the full patch notes

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Bayonetta 3 finally launches on Switch tomorrow. And in anticipation of the highly anticipated return of the Umbra Witch, Nintendo has revealed the details of the game’s first patch to get us and the game ready for some angel and demon-busting action (thanks, Nintendo Everything!).

The main thing this day-one patch adds is improved online functionality. You can upload your best scores and times to the online leaderboards and compare yourself with other Bayonetta fans around the world. The Naive Angel mode is also available in more scenes – just in case you want to hide Bayonetta a bit more.

The patch is available now and you can download it once you get your hands on the game. Until there, here are the patch notes:

Version 1.1.0

Game Modes – Naive Angel Mode, which can be activated to reduce the amount of violence and sexual content, can now be used in more scenes. Also, Naive Angel mode can now be activated when the game is launched for the first time. After starting the game, you can change the Naive Angel mode setting via “Options > “Screen display”. However, you cannot do this in the middle of a chapter. You can change this from the title screen or via “Options” in the “Chapter Menu”.

Online – High scores and best times can now be uploaded in the “Online Leaderboards” section. Here are the different ways to upload your highest scores and best times: Press the + button on the results screen after clearing a chapter Select a chapter you have cleared, as well as the difficulty in “Chapter Menu” → “Online Leaderboards” and press the + buttonSelect a chapter you have cleared in “Chapter Menu” → “Play History” and press the + buttonIf you get a “Platinum” rating for your score or time before downloading this update, the score will be or time adjusted to match “Platinum” rating target The “Total Time” for each chapter is revised if your time is faster than the target.

General – Game balance has been adjusted. – Other adjustments have been made to improve the gameplay experience.

Bayonetta 3 is a total triumph and stunning return for PlatinumGames’ character action queen – we gave the Umbra Witch’s third outing a glowing 10/10 in our review, and you’ve got to see why we think it’s the best in the series so far is:

Bayonetta 3 will be out on Switch tomorrow, October 28. Are you using Witch Time at this time tomorrow? Cast a spell in the comments and let us know!


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