Resident Evil 4 Remake First Look Misses What Made the Original Special

Spot Dodge Podcast Discusses Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 Remakes

Welcome back! It’s a new Tuesday, which means there’s a new episode of Spot Dodge: A Live Nintendo Podcast tonight exclusively on Destructoid. Topics: The crew discusses recent showcases for the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises. Resident Evil Village Gold Edition looks excellent and Capcom is finally showing off a ton of Resident Evil 4 remakes. Bloober Team has been tasked with remaking Silent Hill 2 – Can they pull it off? We’re also getting a lot more new Silent Hill experiences.

The Resident Evil 4 remake looks set to be beautiful in many ways. First, it is absolutely overwhelming. Second, I’m so happy they’re bringing Leon’s acrobatic follow-up attacks back into battle. And third, Leon’s hair is perfect.

One negative thing that struck me, however, was the lack of camp and comedic undertones in the images we saw. It looks so damn serious. And while the original had its serious moments, it was all wrapped up in corny but sweet dialogue and characters. The original Resident Evil 4 has so many memorable characters from Leon, Ada and Luis to crazy bosses like Bitores “the big cheese” Mendez, Salazar and the big bad guy himself Roman Sadler. They were all equipped with cheap dialogue, hilarious one-liners and charming personalities.

The dialogue in RE4 perfectly crossed the line between corny and cringey, bringing to life a cast of characters that have stuck with so many gamers to this day. With any luck, Capcom will keep things simple for marketing, but in the actual game things are insane like OG Resident Evil 4.

Our lovely cast from all over the web: Brett Medlock (me) and Mary Stowe from Destructoid, John Friscia from The Escapist, Greg Bargas from PC Invasion and Brett Larsen, our extra special guest. Behind the scenes, Eric Weichhart of Gamurs is editing this week’s show live.

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