Message of the day (28 Nov)

Message of the Day – By Renooji



Healing is an adventure for the soul to recognize the true potential within and learn a spontaneous spiritual freedom that is achieved with tremendous patient effort. When the soul feels alone, the greatest effort of our life will require more time and more healing. We must heal in the now and know that it is the greatest perseverance for the self and it brings the deepest respect for the presence of the light. Intelligence and discipline will keep us focused if we really understand where the healing is taking us. Because we live in a big city, in this modern world, we are always reminded by circumstances to heal more and move forward. We need to think deeply about the way we live our lives and heal all the fragmented parts of ourselves, moving forward. There are many who have no control over their lives and their emotions and their feelings. Because they are bruised and wounded, scattered everywhere, they need the healing the most. Find them, heal them and bring them home is the mission of a healer in the now. Healing hugs of help. Love from the borders of graceful light pouring from all hearts. Renooji.

Chakra that has just opened to receive – Kidneys – where the turquoise blue light spreads to eradicate all separation and the union of the self with the Divine is inevitable.

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