The 3 zodiac signs that are happiest in love on November 28, 2022

According to astrology, what awaits us on November 28, 2022? For three zodiac signs, they can become the luckiest in romance and love.

It seems that the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius are conspiring to make our love life beautiful and sweet on this day.

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We’ve merged the brilliant Sagittarius Sun Sextile the Moon to make us feel like everything is going our way, with the Lunar Sextile Venus in Sagittarius to make sure it’s our love lives that take center stage today.

Love, beauty and romance, that’s where three certain zodiac signs go on this beautiful day, and for those zodiac signs that are already in a relationship, it’s going to be fantastic.

For those zodiac signs who are single, this could be the day we meet that special someone. The planetary transits are in our favor, how on earth can we go wrong?

According to astrology, if our love life is to be lucky on this day, we should be open to such luck coming our way.

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So the feeling of happiness is magnetic; if we are open to attracting luck then luck has no problem reaching us. Sun sextile Moon casts everything in a positive light, so it’s easy for some of the astrological signs here to accept that they do indeed “deserve” a lucky day in love.

This day brings beauty and light, but again, we must be open to receiving those kinds of gifts.

If we doubt its reality, we lose it. Fortunately, there are certain zodiac signs that are always open to goodness, and because of their belief in the positive, they will rise to the top on this day. This day has great, great potential for lovers.

The three zodiac signs happiest in love on November 28, 2022:1. Ram

(March 21 – April 19)

While everyone knows that you can be fierce and even a little scary, no one realizes about you Aries that you are indeed an optimist and when you notice something good happening, you are ready, willing and able to believe in the.

Today, November 28, 2022, do you feel extremely good about the person you’re in a relationship with, and since you can’t see anything wrong today, you’re more open to making it even better.

You are super compatible with your partner today as Jupiter helps you forgive them for their past actions, and also allows you to be forgiven. You and your partner will come to a new place of acceptance on this day and you will wonder why you never took this approach before as it seems to be working very, very well.

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2. Leo

(July 23 – August 22)

Your recent attitude change seems to have opened the door to a completely new relationship and this is the old one you were in. It’s like you both get a second chance, and since you’re both very intelligent as well, you’ll use that second chance to make some realistic improvements to the relationship.

Talking is easy today, Leo, so keep that in mind. It’s almost like you’re getting a chance to set things right, or go back to how things used to be, but with the new, improved mindset you’ve both adopted.

You are doing this now to win this and you will not be hindered by negative thoughts. Your path is clear and both you and the person you love are fully committed to making it work for as long as possible.

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(November 22 – December 21)

You’re in your birthday time, Sagittarius, and when that happens, you can’t help but feel good. And when you feel good, you become incredibly attractive to others. Whether you’re in a relationship or just starting to show interest in someone, your journey is geared toward success on this day, November 28.

Love comes easily and with no hidden agenda; guessing games are not played these days, and while the occasional game can certainly be fun, these days it’s much more about honesty and easy communication. No one wants trouble today, and with a feeling that strong, no one is going to have trouble today.

Today is for chilling out with someone you totally like so you can see where it goes because the feeling is positive and ‘where it goes’ seems like a nice place to be.

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