Message of the day (28 Nov)

Message of the Day – By Renooji 28.11.2022 LONELINESS Healing is an adventure for the soul to recognize the true potential within and learn a spontaneous spiritual freedom that is achieved with tremendous patient effort. When the soul feels alone, the greatest effort of our life will require more time and more healing. We must … Read more

Capricorn Daily Horoscope – November 28, 2022 | Free Online Astrology

li > a.highlight, a.highlight background-color: #fff147; padding: 6px 9px; margin-left: -9px; margin-right: -9px; color:#000000; .meganizr > li > .highlight_text color:#fff147; font weight:bold; ]]> Capricorn Daily Horoscope – November 28, 2022 DH Web Desk, 28 Nov 2022, 01:25 istupdated: 28 Nov 2022, 01:25 ist You will be delighted with today’s unexpected insights. Investments in art and … Read more

Astrology: is there a good day to gamble?

– Advertisement – According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui, there are three days in a week that are considered luckier than others. These days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The reason is that these days fall under the Yang energy, which corresponds to masculine energy that is considered positive. The same energy … Read more

Buy or skip? The Collected Novels of Paul Laurence Dunbar

The Collected Novels of Paul Laurence Dunbar Edited by Herbert Woodward Martin, Ronald Primeau and Gene Andrew Jarrett University of Ohio Press 424 pages; $57.95 Dunbar was in his early twenties at the turn of the last century when he became America’s most famous black poet. He lived only 10 years, but produced a huge … Read more

Libra horoscope Today, November 28, 2022: Focus on self-care | Astrology

LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23) Looks like it’s going to be a mediocre day for the Libra natives. You need to be prepared for some challenging situations at work. Daily astrological forecast says it can give you a chance to use your experience and knowledge and show your true potential. Your mind can be busy with … Read more

The 3 zodiac signs that are happiest in love on November 28, 2022

According to astrology, what awaits us on November 28, 2022? For three zodiac signs, they can become the luckiest in romance and love. It seems that the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius are conspiring to make our love life beautiful and sweet on this day. RELATED: The 3 Zodiac Signs With Raw … Read more