Microsoft loses up to $200 on every Xbox console sold

Microsoft loses up to $200 on every Xbox console it sells. In an interview with CNBC, Xbox boss Phil Spencer admitted that his Xbox Series X/S consoles are being sold at a loss, with the expectation that the revenue will be earned elsewhere from accessories and games. That’s $100 lost on the $499 Series X … Read more

May temporarily disabled in Overwatch 2 for two weeks

Popular Overwatch 2 character Mei has been temporarily taken out by Blizzard due to a game-breaking exploit – and won’t be returning for another two weeks. Mei, one of the game’s damage characters, has an ability called Ice Wall, which projects a huge wall of ice in front of her. Ice Wall is a handy … Read more

Lexus disables 3G features on almost all 2010-2018 models

Photo: Lexus A large number of 2010-2018 Lexus vehicles have lost all comfort and safety features associated with the Lexus Enform service as 3G is being phased out in the US by major cellular networks. This is bad news for owners of certain – and relatively new – Lexus models who relied on the old … Read more

FlightSimBuddy for MSFS released – FSElite

FlightSimBuddy is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. FlightSimBuddy is a flight planning tool that aims to help you through multiple stages of your flight. Features include scheduling tools, flight sharing, a notepad, map viewer, and checklist creation. The companion app, only available on iOS, also supports voice commands as an additional feature, allowing you … Read more

Used Fujifilm X100 series camera prices soar thanks to TikTok

First Gen Z brought back the point-and-shoot digital cameras of the early 2000s, but now TikTok users are bringing back the Fujifilm X100 – dramatically driving up the camera’s price. FujiAddict reports that the prices of Fujifilm X100 cameras have risen recently, particularly in recent days, as TikTok users praise the camera on the social … Read more

Patch Notes v2.22 | Rocket League®

Version: Rocket League v2.22 Platforms: Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Planned Release: 1/11/2022, 4pm PDT / 11pm UTC THE HIGHLIGHTS Text chat is split into three drop-down menus for more control over which chat types you want to join: Quick Chat, Match Chat and Party Chat … Read more

Back to Monkey Island achievements looted prior to Game Pass drop

Return to Monkey Island is coming to Xbox consoles and Game Pass next week, and we’ve just scanned the point-and-click adventure game’s achievements list. After a period of exclusivity on Nintendo Switch and Steam, Return to Monkey Island finally launches for Xbox Series X|S on November 8, where it will also be added to Xbox … Read more

The best products we tested in October: dashcams, water flossers and more

CNN Underscored is constantly testing products – be it dashcams, water flossers or gaming monitors – to find the absolute best in each respective category. Our testing process is rigorous and starts with hours of research to find the best products in each category. Once we’ve created a test pool of products, we field-test and … Read more

TFT Set 8 Champions Confirmed and Rumors

After what was one of the more complex sets, TFT Set 8 is on its way. Not much is known about TFT Set 8 other than what was shown in the TFT Dev Drop. Here will be a full list of all the new confirmed and rumored champions coming to TFT Set 8, which should … Read more